Of All UK Helicopter Pilots
Trained Annually


Flight Training Days on Average
– 85% Of the Year



Hours of Flight Training
Conducted Annually

Tiger Aviation is Internationally recognized for absolute excellence in the Aviation industry. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide the highest standard of Service. This gives us the ability to cater for all levels, from Private Owners through to Commercial Operators and the Military world for Engineering and Pilot Services.

The Tiger Aviation (Engineering) Department has an EASA Part 145 Approval for its maintenance facility, as well as being an Approved Robinson Service Centre. We can offer all maintenance up to and including the 2,200 Hour/12 Year Overhaul. We offer scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on all other types of Helicopter, as well as Specialist Support offering Avionic upgrades, fault diagnosis and customized approved modifications.

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Tiger Aviation Training

Basic and Advanced Training

Training Overview

Most of our basic training courses are specifically designed for our clients using the most appropriate training platforms and equipment to ensure a good foundation of knowledge and understanding.

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Basic Training

Most of our Basic Training courses are written specifically for our clients. We examine what aircraft their candidates will be flying and in what roles. We then design a course using the most appropriate training platforms that will ensure good foundation knowledge and understanding.

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Advanced Training

Tiger Aviation’s Civil and Military Instructors are qualified to train the advanced operations of many different types of helicopter.

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Training Facilities

Tiger has the largest capacity Helicopter Training Facility in the UK. We can cater for courses from 5 to 60 Candidates at any one time.

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Capacity & Capabilities

Tiger Aviation has over 60 classroom places for fulltime Ground School in different sized classrooms. This helps us to cater for our small and large scale training programmes.

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Training Fleet

We use many different types of helicopter for our Civil and Military training courses. We engage with our clients to determine which aircraft would suit their training programme the best.

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Our Partners

Tiger Aviation offers state of the art facilities based in the English countryside.

Our experienced team of instructors and comprehensive evaluation programme ensures each individual’s training package is designed to support their journey to becoming long serving, enthusiastic and dedicated pilots.

Accommodation, transport and subsistence are all part of the service for our overseas candidates which leaves them free to concentrate on their training.