Advanced Civil / Military Pilot Training

Tiger Aviation’s Civil and Military Instructors are qualified to train the advanced operations of many different types of helicopter. Once a pilot has completed the basic course, they will then complete advanced training modules which will give further qualifications and skills that they will be using in their chosen role.

Examples of these are: –

  • Instrument Flying (Full Twin IFR)
  • Night Flying and NVG Operations
  • Search and Rescue including all Coastguard Procedures
  • Police Operations including Thermal Imaging and Microwave downlink for Command and Control
  • Air Ambulance Operations
  • Disaster Relief including Emergency Evacuation and Rapid Supply of Aid
  • Offshore Operations and Oil Platform Procedures
  • External Load Operations
  • Emergency Fire Fighting Operations and Procedures

as well as many others.



Of All UK Helicopter Pilots
Trained Annually


Flight Training Days on Average
– 85% Of the Year



Hours of Flight Training
Conducted Annually