Basic Training

Most of our Basic Training courses are written specifically for our clients. We examine what aircraft their candidates will be flying and in what roles. We then design a course using the most appropriate training platforms that will ensure good foundation knowledge and understanding. We do more than just teach someone to fly helicopters, we genuinely ensure that our graduates can deliver an excellent return on investment for their sponsors. We make them into safe and professional career Aviators.

Elementary flying courses are on the Bell 206 Jetranger or the Bell 505 Jetranger X. The new Bell 505 enables us to deliver Glass Cockpit training from day one. We also offer other aircraft types to give a cost-effective solution for some of the Advanced Military courses. Civil and Military courses are tailored specifically to clients requirements. This ensures investment in the training is optimised for the pilot’s specific role.

The Bell 505 Jetranger X offers flight training in the latest Glass cockpit environment. This increases the pilots Situational Awareness as well as preparing them for the advanced civil and military glass cockpit environment.



Of All UK Helicopter Pilots
Trained Annually


Flight Training Days on Average
– 85% Of the Year



Hours of Flight Training
Conducted Annually