Training facilities

Tiger has the largest capacity Helicopter Training Facility in the UK. We can cater for courses from 5 to 60 Candidates at any one time. Local Student accommodation and easy transport options are all readily available.

Our facilities include:

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced Instructors with Excellent Safety Records
  • Air-conditioned Building
  • Flexible Classroom Sizes
  • Private Briefing Rooms
  • Lecture Room
  • CAA Approved Examination Room
  • Multi-media Classrooms Networked to Instructor’s Computer
  • Language facilities
  • Rest Area with Food Provided (Including Halal)
  • Wash rooms for candidates of all faiths
  • Private Prayer Rooms
  • Large State of the Art Hangar and Maintenance Facilities
  • Close to Local Student Accommodation
  • Quiet Study Areas
  • Strict Teaching/ Learning Environment
  • Local Sports and Recreational Facilities



Of All UK Helicopter Pilots
Trained Annually


Flight Training Days on Average
– 85% Of the Year



Hours of Flight Training
Conducted Annually