Training Fleet

We use many different types of helicopter for our Civil and Military training courses. We engage with our clients to determine which aircraft would suit their training programme the best. Different considerations such as, which aircraft they ultimately want their pilots to operate and the type of role the pilots will be doing as their main and secondary tasks. The cost-effectiveness and return on investment of our training courses is paramount.

Bell Jet Ranger 206

The Bell 206 Jetranger has been one of our most popular training platforms. Many Military and Civil pilots have completed their Basic and Advanced courses using this, most reliable of helicopters. It’s robust construction and predictable operating costs have allowed us to deliver all of our training courses on budget without any over runs.

Bell 505 Jetranger X

The new Bell 505 Jetranger X is set to be the training helicopter for the next generation of professional pilots. It has been developed with a more powerful engine, equipped with FADEC, as well as using a carbon fibre fuselage to help reduce corrosion in hostile environments. The new Glass Cockpit allows us to train pilots using advanced technical computer screen equipment from day one. This leads to a more cost effective conversion onto the next generation of Military and Civil Helicopters that are now being delivered to Governments and Operators around the world.



Of All UK Helicopter Pilots
Trained Annually


Flight Training Days on Average
– 85% Of the Year



Hours of Flight Training
Conducted Annually