Kuwait Police Pilot Safety Update

Ten years ago, Tiger Aviation helped to complete a bespoke training programme for the Kuwait Police Department and qualified sixteen young Police Officers. This course allowed them to commence their careers as operational Helicopter Pilots. The Tiger Aviation team struggled hard to win the contract, offering, not only a bespoke foundation Police Training programme, but a promise!

A promise to provide good comprehensive training, to teach Safe operating procedures, and also a promise that we would prepare these Government Officers for a long, safe and prestigious pilot career allowing them to proudly serve their country. All sixteen successfully completed our course and graduated.

Recently, we have had the privilege of flying with one of our former Police students from Kuwait. We can now confirm a formal update on the results of our training programme that was delivered ten years ago.

All sixteen of the pilots who attended the Tiger Training Programme, after ten years of service, are ALL still working safely as Police Helicopter Pilots! Not only that, NONE of them have had an accident flying the helicopters.

We are not afraid to openly admit that accidents do happen, but with a well-known fact that about 98% of all helicopter accidents are caused by human error, good foundation pilot training can increase the safety and success of any operation enormously. This quality training protects the lives of both crew and people on the ground. It also ensures Government departments can rely on individuals, whom they have sponsored, to give them a long service career with an excellent return on investment.

When we promised the country of Kuwait, hand on heart, that we would ensure these pilots would receive the best training that anyone could offer, we can now honestly say that the Tiger Team have genuinely succeeded in doing just that.

Gentlemen of Kuwait, thank you for flying the flag for Tiger Aviation, best wishes for the future, and well done



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